Pretty in Pink Pomelo Fruit Salad

The pomelo is the grapefruit’s grandma, originating in Malaysia. It looks like a giant grapefruit, but is not as sour.

The pomelo half looks like a big pink flower. The peel is very thick compared to the grapefruit and the sections are more uneven, so it takes a bit more time to section it.

A pink pomelo is more sour than the white. But the pink grapefruit is sweeter than the white. Well I got two pink ones, to make a pink fruit salad with strawberries.

1 pink pomelo

1 pink grapefruit

10 strawberries

Halve pomelo and grapefruit, and section fruit, removing fruit. Halve strawberries and mix together.

Beauty and the Fuzzball: Dragon Fruit-Kiwi Salad

Dragon Fruit is the beauty queen of all fruits, with its hot fuchsia-pink skin and bright green tufts of scales. The Kiwi is a fuzzy greenish-brown ball.

When halved, they reveal surprises: The Dragon Fruit’s flesh is  white, dotted with tiny black seeds. The kiwi’s flesh is bright green with tiny black seeds arranged in a shape that some believers swear resembles the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Scoop the flesh from the inedible skins and chop and mix them together for an exotic treat.